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If you want to comfortably arrange your apartment, house, restaurant, hotel and everything you dream about, let me know. If you want to see what a person I am and how I understand the role of an architect, read about my style of work here: read more…

I will show you how many possibilities you have, I will share with you the experience of over twenty years of interior design, I will be your guide in the world of art. I will prepare the technical documentation for you and conduct construction on your behalf. You can order a design for the entire house, office, restaurant, hotel, or a single room – bathroom, kitchen or reception area. I design new interiors in need of renovation, including historic ones.

I will change the quality of your life the way you want.


I help you make yourself comfortable at home


I care about your well-being, acoustic comfort, and healthy air at home and in your workplace. Give me your budget and the interior design will suit him.


I am an architect with construction qualifications. I prepare technical projects, schedules and cost estimates. I manage the implementation of works.


If you are planning renovation or real estate purchase - I will help you find the best solution for your needs and possibilities. Interior designer consultation also on-line.


I am a professional Project Manager. I understand your priorities and take care of your business. I will provide you with the knowledge to make the best decisions.


I have completed hundreds of projects. I managed the construction of the tallest apartment building in Europe designed by D.Libeskind. I care for your peace of mind.


I am also a film and commercial set designer. I can cleverly enlarge the space, create original designs for unusual needs.

Interior design Warsaw Agata Słoma


Interior designer, architect, MSc

Founder and owner of the OMII Interior Design Studio. An architect with 20 years of experience, an expert in healthy interior finishing materials. Architect and Project Manager – designs construction works, manages costs, etc.  Creating both private and commercial interiors.

FIDIC contract specialist, consults contracts in the design and construction process, advises investors.


I have completed hundreds of interior designs over 20 years. Here are some of them.

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  • Hotels
  • Private interiors
  • Renovation
  • Restaurants
Original interiors after renovation

Original interiors after renovation

Private interiorsRenovation
Timeless interior design

Timeless interior design

Private interiorsRenovation
Small flat interior design

Small flat interior design

Private interiorsRenovation