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Agata Słoma

MSc. architecture, interior design

Founder and owner of the OMII Interior Design Studio. An architect with 20 years of experience, an expert in healthy interior finishing materials. Architect and Project Manager – designs construction works, manages costs, etc. Creative specialist both private and commercial interiors.

A graduate of the Faculty of Architecture at the Warsaw University of Technology and Project Management at the University of Entrepreneurship and Management Leon Koźminski in Warsaw, EQUIS accreditation (currently Kozminski University). Since 2005, Agata has a Building License in the specialization of architecture and urban planning.

She designed the interiors of the Presidential Apartments at the Hyatt Regency Warsaw, Grand Hotel in Lublin, ITI Film Studio (TVN). She lectured at the Faculty of Architecture of Venice together with Daniel Libeskind, a world famous architect, creator of the Ground Zero reconstruction plan in New York.

She supervised the construction of hotels and the largest shopping centers in Poland, incl. Złote Tarasy in Warsaw, Okęcie Business Park and the tallest residential building in Europe: Złota 44.

FIDIC contract specialist, consults contracts in the design and construction process, advises investors.

She is also happy to design film decorations to Polish and English movies.

Interior design Warsaw Agata Słoma
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Agata Słoma is an interior design studio established by Agata Słoma. It has over 20 years of experience not only in designing private houses and apartments, but also a number of hotels, restaurants and other commercial spaces.

Our team offers you unconventional solutions to improve the comfort of residents, especially in a matter of acoustics, naturally within our clients budget.’s range of activities includes arranging newly-built hotel interiors as well as refurbishments of older buildings.

Years spent on a position of a project manager in international corporations and such educational background provide her with a proper experience necessary in managing the budget. Agata Słoma was a guest speaker at the IUAV Faculty of Architecture in Venice. She organizes workshops on interior design, her work and articles are published in branch magazines. Agata travels to seek for inspiration and shares her professional knowledge on a blog.

According to the philosophy of, any challenge standing on the way through the creating process is regarded as a source of inspiration. interior design studio offers the highest quality of services.