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Original interiors after a complete renovation

Original interiors  – condition before renovation

Narrow corridors, sloping ceilings in places, small windows, a closed kitchen, lots of paneling on the walls, with a potential that we used 100%.

Original interiors – Function

House for two adults and two children.

  • internal stairs
  • enlarged window
  • additional large bathroom
  • laundry room
  • comfortable wardrobe

Original interiors – Style

The combination of modern solutions and vintage furniture. The original composition of the colors of the walls, furniture and various shades of wood. The interior is visually combined with the outside space.

Original interiors – Design solutions

  • enlarged all the windows, a sliding window was created in the living room with the entire width of the wall
  • new internal stairs
  • building has a fairly deep track, so the lighting design was of particular importance. We have a lot of light points, most of the lamps are discreet, but the selected lamps play the role of jewelry in the interior
  • to illuminate the bathroom with natural light, we designed a glass wall between the bathroom and the laundry room made of beautiful ornamental glass – it is a strong and distinctive design element.

original interiors Warsaw

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original interiors Warsaw designer

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