How much does interior design cost?

How much does interior design cost you often ask.

My answer to everyone is: it depends on what you agree on, the scope of work. The project consists of many elements. You can make an appointment for all, some or one selected item depending on your needs and abilities.


You can make an appointment just for consultation. During the hour-long meeting I will look at the project or the existing building, I will answer if it is possible to change the existing arrangement of walls for structural reasons, I will suggest how to arrange the space so that it suits your needs. Ill answer your questions. Phone or video consultations are also possible.

Consultation costs from 350  1000 pln per meeting.


Yocan commission the interior design concept itselfI will suggest you the arrangement of wallsthe arrangement of roomsthe arrangement of furniture, bathroom and kitchen equipmentIll show you similar style interiorsa cohesive picture of the whole will emergeI will suggest an interior color schemeAll this in two variants to choose from.

The concept of interior design costs 80 pln/m2.


The next step is to develop a detailed design  this is the basis for the contractors work.

It contains technical drawings, specifies each piece of permanent equipment, provides guidelines for electrical, water and sewage installations, if necessary also for air conditioning and intelligent building control. Based on the detailed design, each Contractor shall be able to perform complete construction and finish work.

An element of the executive design is the specification of finishing materials.

The detailed interior design costs from 120 to 250 pln per m2.

how much does interior design cost

how much does interior design cost


The architect can prepare tender materials for you ready projects and material tables, with detailed specification of specific materials and description of solutions.
You can choose the best bid for the finishingwork based on the tender design.

Tender project price to be agreed, depends on other commissioned work.


Authors supervision consists of the designers on-going cooperation with theInvestor and Contractors, control of the works performed, and current opinion on the solutions changed to the design, reported by Contractor sand the Investor.

The cost of supervision can be billed for each visit to the site or as a lump sum for each month of authorsupervision. The cost of one hour visit is 200 300 pln.

Authors supervision is a different form of agreement than design. The design is work and the remuneration relates to the work delivered, which is the result of the designers work, according to the amount agreed.

Supervision is a contract of mandate and the remuneration depends on how much time the designer takes to work.


The work different from authors supervision is management of the investment realization on behalf of the Investor. The cost of work is estimated individually.

It consists in entrusting all works connected with construction organization to Project Manager and includes:

(a) provide/prepare cost estimates of work and materials and prepare a schedule of finishing work;

(b) the organisation of the finishing work;

c) assistance in selection of teams and contractors for particular stages of finishing works;

(d) coordinating the work of contractors;

(e) checking the quality of the work carried out and exercising control over finishing contractors to ensure that the terms of the contracts concluded with the contractors are being complied with;

f) confirmation of works actually performed, removal of reported defects and settlement of works of supervised contractors;

g) make purchases of finishing materials and elements of interior furnishings in the name and on behalf of the Investor;

h) negotiate prices and discounts for the benefit of the Investor.

For those of you who have known me for while, I will tell you that this is how managed the Złote Tarasy shopping center in Warsaw and Europes tallest residential building – Złota 44, as well as many offices, restaurants and apartments.


Built-in furniture designs are additional elements of interior design. They can be calculated individually, or they can be included in the project cost up front and treated as a lump sum for all built-in furniture projects.

Built-in furniture is that which is permanently attached to the walls, i. furniture, wardrobes, any other custom built furniture.

Below see examples of furniture I designed for a study, room and hall.

how much does interior design cost

Interior design is a joy of creation, but also great responsibility.

Within each of the design elements listed, you can specify selected rooms, such as the kitchen, living room, and bathroom, and limit the design to those rooms. Its all up to you.

Whether its an apartment, house, office, hotel or restaurant design, the design elements are the same. Scope of work is always a matter of contract.

My job is to show you the possibilities and consequences of design decisions.

I use all the knowledge and experience of the designer to get the interior you want.

The one you want.

How much does interior design cost?

Project costs will be adjusted individually each time.

The larger the area, the cheaper the cost per square meter with conceptual design accounting for about 40% of the total scope.

If the area exceeds 150 m2, the rates usually decrease.

The cost of designing a small apartment, up to 50 m2 is a larger amount per m2.

The cost of a renovation apartment project will be higher than an apartment in development state.

The costs of office, restaurant, and commercial interior designs are  different and have an even greater range of amounts. It is worth agreeing whether you want the architect to help you choose also furniture, accessories (curtains, pillows, pictures, lamps, etc. ). The price also depends on this.

In some cases, a builders consultation and structural rebuilding project may be an additional cost. This applies when the arrangement involves interference in the buildings structural elements.

Projects of public utility interiors (restaurants, hotels, shops, offices, beauty salons, etc. ) require additional arrangements with the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station, Occupational Health and Safety, fire protection, if necessary with a food production technologist. Reconciliations are a cost independent of the project.

The architects task is to inform the Investor about all consultations required by the construction law and to design the interior in accordance with the regulations.

If you have questions, please write

I invite you to cooperate. : –)

Agata Słoma

The posted interior designs and sketches are of my authorship.